Sunapee Historical Society


Our collection of documents, photographs and artifacts from Sunapee’s history includes:Fairy Q

Inventor Enos Clough’s engine for what may be the first horseless carriage, called the Fairy Queen, driven in 1869 from Sunapee to Newport for a July 4th parade.

Pilot HouseThe Woodsum Brother’s machine shop, engine from the 1877 steamboat, Lady Woodsum and pilot house from the 1897 steamboat Kearsarge.

Artifacts from Lake Sunapeeā€™s grand hotels including the Ben Mere Inn, Soo Nipi Park Lodge, and Granliden Hotel as well as Indian Cave Lodge, Harbor Hotel, Elm Lodge, Burkehaven Hotel, Prospect House and Yverdun Inn.

Sugar River water power from Lake Sunapee supported more than 20 Sunapee industries including a leather tannery, hames, clothes pin, shoe peg, bedstead, coffin, hay rake and threshing machine factories, an excelsior shop, and grist, woolen, paper and saw mills. Our collection includes items made in Sunapee.


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