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In 1804, Joseph George and family settled the area at the north end of Lake Sunapee. Joseph and his son Daniel ran a gristmill powered by Otter Brook flowing into the lake. Joseph served at the Battle of Ticonderoga in 1776 and owned a playful monkey which he took with him on “calls”. George’s Mills was named for the family.

Graves dating from 1800:

  • Georges Mills Cemetery, Main St.
  • Old Eastman Cemetery, East side of North Road.
  • New Eastman Cemetery, West side of North Road.
  • Lower Village Cemetery, Lower Main Street at North Road.
  • Colby Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, just south of Dexter’s Inn.
  • Cooper Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, behind #324.
  • Crowther Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, just north of Dexter’s Inn.
  • South Sunapee Cemetery, Harding Hill Road.

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Vital records from annual Town Reports since 1887

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SHS has information about these Sunapee families. Contact us for further information.
A   Abbott, Alexander, Almeder, Angell
B   Bailey, Baird, Baker, Bartlett, Batchelder, Blaisdell, Boyce, Burke, Buswell
C   Chandler, Chase, Clough, Coffin, Colby, Colcord, Collins, Cooper, Cowles, Cross, Crowther
D   Dana, Davis, Dewey, Domina, Dudley
E   Eastman
F   Felch, Fisher, Fitch, Flanders
G  Gage, Gamsby, Gardner, George, Goss, Graves
H  Halsey, Harding, Haven, Hill, Holmes, Hopkins, Howard, Huntoon, Hurd
I-J Ingalls
K  Knowlton
L  Lear
M  Maxfield, McCrillis, Monroe, Morgan, Morse, Muzzey
N  Norris, Nutting
O  Osborne
P-Q Perkins, Pike, Powell, Purington, Putney
R  Remington, Richards, Robertson, Roby, Rogers, Roper, Rowell, Runals, Russell
S  Sargent, Sawyer, Scott, Sisco, Slade, Smith, Stickney, Stocker, Sturoc
T-V Trow, Turner, Tyler
W  Wackerhagen, Wayburn, Welsh, Wendell, Whitney, Woodbury, Woodsum, Woodward
X-Z Yardley, Young


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